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Do You Struggle With Your Weight?
If You Said Yes, You Are Not Alone - 2 out of 3 People Are Over Weight In North America Or In Terms Of Numbers Thats 500 Million Adults - Study By Harvard University
North Americans Have Been Sold
On What To Eat Brainwashed By The Media…
Chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure that can often be prevented with better diets, but aren’t and as a result debt-funded healthcare costs have exploded, and while this chronic obesity has made pharmaceutical companies richer beyond their wildest dreams. Source:  U.S. Department of Agriculture
The average calories available to the average American increased 25 percent, to more than 2500, between 1970 and 2010 Source:  U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Within large cultural groups, subgroups exist that may practice variations of the group’s eating behaviors, though they are still considered part of the larger group. For example, a hamburger, French fries, and a soda are considered a typical American meal.Source: Diet.com
  • The researchers cite numerous studies that demonstrated only moderate success with various types of diet that focus on macro nutrients: protein, fat or carbohydrates; but regardless of diet, without a lifestyle change, the weight comes back. Source LiveScience.com
If You Are Overweight, It Is Not Your Fault… We are all victims of Billions Spent Advertising Chunk Foods!”
    • Companies spend $1.79 billion annually to market food to children with only $280 million for healthy foods. 70% of food ads on the most popular children’s television channel are for junk foods. Two-thirds of children’s websites display food ads; of these food ads, 84% are for junk foods     Source Specertified.com – Andrea Canada, VP, Cul. Nutrition & Sustainability
The Problem & Solution
Your Sub-Conscious Mind
Our Choice – Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss
The same science that was used on your mind to reach for the French-Frie is the same science that you need to break away from the Fast Food addiction.
The Power To Choose
Using Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss
When we change our thoughts about food and exercise we are not dieting. This is where the majority of dieters fail. They lose the weight but continue to think about food the same way. The weight comes off after using up tons of will power and when the diet is over the weight comes back and for many people they gain more weight than they had before their diet.
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