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Why Does It Work So Well?
  • Hypnosis goes to the core of the problem, to the sub-conscious mind, and erases the desire to smoke. When the desire is gone, you will no longer have a smoking habit.
But What About My Addiction To Nicotine?
The physical addiction to tobacco is the weakest part of the smoking addiction. Scientific research have proven that all nicotine has left our body with in 72 hours of our last cigarette.

As with the story of Pavlov’s dog that was conditioned to salivate when the bell rang, in the same way the smoker is also conditioned to feel the urge to have a cigarette which is called the “trigger response effect” See Examples Listed below.
Habit Is Broken Naturally
When you quit smoking with hypnosis the process is natural so that the urge to light up does not happen. Using this method you eliminate the how you respond emotionally to the triggers that cause most people to fail using other methods.
"Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life!"
When you change how you feel about something you can either increase or decrease your desire to have it. In this case you are replacing those thoughts of your wanting to have a cigarette with ones where you don’t.
100% Money Back Guarantee
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Quit Smoking Program Available Anywhere!

Backed By Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Testimonial By The Creator Of EZ-Self Control

I was  a 3 pack a day smoker for years, so I can relate to all of the challenges that smokers meet when trying to quit.

I have personally used this amazing self hypnosis approach to quit smoking myself that I am now sharing with you on this site. It has been now 18 years now, and I am proud to say –   “I am a non smoker!”

Arvin Hopcraft

Testimonial By Doreen S. -  Saint Albert, Alberta

I tried every method I could find to quit. I even quit once for 3 years, but a divorce and I was back smoking again. Within a few days I was smoking the same amount as I did before I quit.

For the next 20 years I tried every method I could find to quit, but I always ended up starting again.

Then I found your program and I decided to try it. I was amazed that you told us not to try and quit, instead you said to keep smoking while doing the program. And just as you said, the cravings and desires faded away until I just didn’t want to smoke any longer.

That happened about 3 weeks after starting the program.  

I recommend this program to anyone.

Thank you

Doreen S.

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