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100% Money Back Guarantee

Our EZ Quit Smoking Program comes with a 100% Success Money Back Guarantee of course the alternative is to follow ones proven to have an 82 % Failure Rate:

  1. Nicotine Gum
  2. Electronic Replacement
  3. Patch
  4. Inhalers
  5. Prescription Drugs
  6. Will Power
In our EZ Quit Smoking Program, you will learn to program your mind to think like a non-smoker, and then the desire and cravings will be gone along with your cigarette addiction. You will be a non-smoker!
Multi-System Approach
Everyone progresses at their own rate – We recognize that the exact same techniques will not work for everyone. The EZ Quit Smoking Program provides you with multi-pronged approach of techniques and exercises proven to collectively guarantee you with 100% confidence, your success in becoming a non-smoker.
Physical Addiction Versus Mental Addiction
It is proven that 72 hours after your last cigarette all the nicotine has left your body. If you start again after having quit for months or even years, it had nothing to do with the physical addiction, it was the mental/emotional addiction that caused you to start again.
Stress Free
The EZ Quit Smoking Program is designed to create a stress free approach – you will never feel emotional withdrawal.
Approach Prevents Weight Gain
In the program, you will also receive suggestions to prevent weight gain. Included in your EZ Quit Smoking Program you will receive a daytime self-hypnosis weight control mind reprogramming audio that you can use just in case you need help with not gaining weight.
Your Cravings Fade Without Stress
Fear tactics do not work to quit. If they did, then you and everyone else would have already quit!

Stress makes you light up, so how can fear help you succeed? It will only cause you more stress that will cause you light up. Instead, you will create the positive opposite to smoking which is a non-smoker.

As you reprogram your mind, your cravings will simply fade away. For this is the reason, we advise you to not force yourself to quit. Just continue smoking until your cravings fade and you no longer crave a cigarette.
"If You Are Ready .... We Can Help!"
If you’re not ready to quit, then there is not a quit smoking program on the planet that will help you. But if you have made the decision to quit now, and you will do anything to succeed, the answer is YES, WE CAN HELP YOU!
Smoking Habit Gone in 21 Days!
  1. Someone who quits smoking at only a conscious level is only a smoker that resists cravings. 
  2. A non-smoker is someone who does not think of smoking, in fact that is the last thing they will think about even in times of stress.
  3. Our hypnosis/positive opposite method, reprograms your mind to think like a non-smoker, without the cravings for nicotine.
It is unlikely that you will want to light up a cigarette again, but if the urge to smoke does return in a few years simply repeat the EZ Quit Smoking Program again for an additional 21 days and just like the first time the cravings will be gone.

We guarantee that your cravings to smoke fade away and you will become a non-smoker…..period!
Cost Is Kept Low
For less than the cost of a carton of cigarettes you have a 100% guarantee. Follow the program as it is written, and after completing it, simply request a 100% refund within 60 days of your purchase of the EZ Quit Smoking Program. 
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