FAQs On Hypnotherapy...
Is Hypnosis based on actual science or just science fiction?
FACT: Both the American and Canadian Medical Association have approved hypnosis as an accepted  health alternative.
Does Hypnotherapy Work…

The Myths:
Myth #1
When you wake up from hypnosis you won’t remember anything that happened when you were hypnotized.
Hypnosis is often described as a trance or a sleeping state, and from an observer’s point of view, this would appear to be true, but it is on very rare occasions that actual total amnesia will occur. It is actually very common for the person to remember some or even all of the session. To be aware of the session does not mean you are not hypnotized; there are many different levels and depths of hypnosis.
Myth #2
 You Can Be Hypnotized Against Your Will and the Hypnotist Has Complete Control Over Your Actions While You Are Under Hypnosis.

Despite the beliefs that Hollywood has made us believe, hypnosis requires voluntary consent and participation of the client. And, VERY IMPORTANT, a hypnotist cannot make you perform any actions that are against your morals or human values. These are the most common myths that are associated with hypnosis, but they are certainly not all of them.

In reality, a hypnotic state is something that almost everyone experiences at many different times during the day, for example, while watching a movie, you can be so involved in it that you do not realize that someone has talked to you.

This is a form of a hypnotic state. I was a professional for many years, during a performance it was very common for me to become so lost in the music that I was unaware of anyone or anything else around me. My guitar became an extension of me. I was in a hypnotic state during these times.

Does Hypnotherapy Work – “The FAQs” 
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Can I Be Made To Do Things I Do Not Want To Do?
You are in control; no one can make you do anything that you would not otherwise be willing to do.
Does Hypnotherapy Work If I Fall Asleep?
It is a common question. Research has proven that your hearing is always aware. Your eyes can close but the ears stay open and aware and are always monitoring your surroundings. A mother will awaken immediately when her baby cries. Only our conscious mind sleeps, our sub-conscious is always awake and aware.
So even when you fall asleep during hypnosis your subconscious is still recording all of the information. We have daytime and nighttime recordings. The day recordings give a suggestion at the end to wake up and have a great day. The nighttime recordings give suggestions to fall into a resting sleep. You can fall asleep and still gain all the benefits from these sessions.
Is It Only The Week That Can Be Hypnotized?
Highly creative people, inventors, or geniuses, are naturally close to the Alpha state (the brain wave cycle that hypnosis mostly occurs) most of the time. This explains their ability to create and transfer their ideas to the conscious mind spontaneously. They are therefore more receptive and actually easier to hypnotize than a lower IQ person, who lives in a non creative mental world. Also, sportspeople, entertainers, performers, to mention only a few, have used self hypnosis to improve their skills, and achieve success. Are these people weak minded?
Does Hypnotherapy Work Instantly?
It depends on the person. Some have instant results and others need more time, especially if they have a lot of stress in their life. It is not a magic pill that cures everything instantly. It requires dedication. But if you have the true desire to accomplish your goal, then hypnosis will give you all the tools needed to accomplish it. I can relate my own experience. I was a 3 pack a day smoker, and I quit in one day. I did have cravings from time to time, but I used the methods I am sharing, and I did not start again. At the present time, that was 18 years ago. Not all of the personal changes I have made worked that fast, however, if we have the true desire to change, then we can. The choice is ours.
Does Sleep Learning Really Work?
Yes It Does... 
In my 20’s I was taking engineering, and when studying I recorded my course on tape, and played them every night. When exam time came, I would read a question and I would hear the tape playing in my head and I just started writing the answers. I aced the tests.

Only the conscious mind sleeps, the subconscious is always aware and records everything. Studies have shown that we are more receptive during REM state of sleep, however, we are still aware no matter which level of sleep we are in.
Do Subliminals Work In Hypnotherapy?

Studies have proven that they do. In the 70’s subliminals were used in movie theaters to promote the sales at the confectionery.  Subliminal messages being played under the music in shopping malls have shown a reduction in theft in the malls. There was a law passed banning subliminals to be used in public places, this is confirmation that subliminals do work. 

The subconscious mind absorbs and records the information even if the conscious mind is not aware of it happening. We have created subliminal recordings that have the message embedded under the music, or sounds. Hundreds of people have given us positive feedback on how successful they have been with the subliminal self hypnosis recordings. The conscious mind is only about 10% of our mental capacity and capability, and the other 90% of our mind is always aware.

Will I Give Up My Free Will When I Am Under Hypnotherapy?
You will always have free will. In fact one of the commands I use in every session is, you can reject anything I say, at anytime if this is what you choose. In hypnosis you will not be as aware of your surroundings, but you will be able to exit the session at any time you want to.
Can I Use Hypnosis To Replace Going To A Doctor?
Many people have had miraculous changes in their life using hypnosis, but you should always consult your doctor if you have any questions about making changes in your life. 
If I Don't Believe In Hypnosis Will It Still Work?
 If you intentionally resist, then it will not work for you, because you are always in control. However you do not have to totally believe in hypnosis for it to work for you, all you have to do is allow yourself to be open to the idea of hypnosis and the suggestions, and they will work for you.

Hypnosis is not magic, it is simply allowing yourself to accept the idea that you can make the positive changes in your life you desire. When you do this, hypnosis can give you all the tools you need to succeed.

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